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Lamar CISD
Fulshear, Texas
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The Grind

Our 2018 show this fall is titled "The Grind". Our production spans over three movements. Below you will find a .pdf file of your part as well as 3  sound file, each different tempos for every movement.

Please open up the file that contains your part and print only the few pages you will need from each file.

You are asked to have Movement 1 memorized by August 1st.
Please spend some time over these next few weeks completing this task. 

Movement 1

Movement 2

Woodwinds & Brass Mvt. 1
Woodwinds & Brass Mvt. 2
Percussion Mvt. 1
Percussion Mvt. 2

Movement 3

Brass Mvt. 3
Percussion Mvt. 3