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Color Guard
Fulshear Colorguard
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Fulshear HS Colorguard

Texas Colorguard Circuit State Championships
Fulshear High School Charger Colorguard​

2017 Silver Medalist!!!!

CFHS Charger Color Guard

Color Guard Directors
Are you are interested in becoming a member of the Churchill Fulshear HS Color Guard?

If you love to perform, love music, and are looking to get involved at CFHS then color guard is absolutely for you!  The CFHS Color Guard will perform with the Charger Band at all the football games and contests they attend each fall.  As a member of the CFHS Color Guard you will study dance and learn how to spin and handle various accessories and equipment.  The Charger Color Guard will meet 2nd period during the school day and rehearse after school with the rest of the Charger Band during the fall semester.

In the fall Color Guard counts as a P.E. credit (or an elective if you are playing sports) and in the spring count it will count as a Fine Arts credit.  It is a GREAT way to get your P.E./Fine Arts credits while having fun and making memories along the way! 

If you're curious what color guard looks like check out the video below: 

DCI Color Guard Ultimate Trailer


If you are interested please email CFHS Band Director, Andrew Lee at  [email protected] .
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to have any guard or dance experience?

A: NO!!!! We will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with Color Guard.  While it is GREAT to have experience it is definitely NOT required.  

Q: Can I participate in other school activities and do guard?

A: ABSOLUTELY! In my time as a director I have had students participate in sports, choir, theater, UIL Academics, etc.... As long as you COMMUNICATE with our directors we should be able to work something out to let you maximize your high school experience.

Q: Do I have to be in the guard class to be a part of the guard?

A: Yes.  But as long as you have a period available in your schedule this should NOT present a problem.  Athletics are currently setup to be 1st period and 4th period which is why we have put the guard class 2nd period to avoid any conflicts.

Q: I am focused on my grades and want to succeed academically.  Can I be successful while participating with the guard?

A: YES!!!! We want our students to be successful in LIFE.  We will teach the members of the guard to not only be the best they can while performing but in the classroom and in the school as well.  We want ALL of our members to be model STUDENTS and CITIZENS. I have had many students in the top 10 who have come from the guard.  

Q: Does it cost money to be a part of the CFHS Guard?

A: Yes.  The first year fees are slightly higher as you purchase equipment you will use for all four years of high school.  The approximate cost is about $525 per member.  BUT PLEASE do not let the cost scare you away from this great performance opportunity we can setup payment plans and we will absolutely work with you to make your dream of performing a reality.